The Cavalry Group's Liberty Summit 2016 was the only event of its kind, uniting animal owners, and a wide spectrum of animal related businesses under one roof for the common appreciation of Liberty, and to motivate a movement to inspire its attendees to take action to fight back to protect their American way of life.

So, if you couldn't attend our Liberty Summit in June, we have made it available for you to view the entire two-day event in the comfort of your own home!

The speakers and topics included at Liberty Summit 2016:

Beth Ann Schoeneberg, National Radio Talk Show Host, Common Sense Coalition: "America Identified."

Karen Budd Falen, Esq., one of the leading legal advocates working to protect private property discussed: "Regulatory Taking of Private Property by the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act." 

AmyFox, specializing in exposing the ideology behind United Nation's Sustainable Development, "Fighting Back Against UN Sustainable Development at the Local, State, and Federal Levels." 

Matt & Janet Thompson are passionate adovates for private property, Liberty and Agriculture. They shared, "Our Decade Down Under and the Global Assault on Private Property."  

Sheriff Richard Mack, former Constitutional Sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, author/speaker, and founder of the Constitutional Sheriff's Association: "The County Sheriff, America's Last Hope."

Missouri State Rep.Sonya Anderson: "Advocating For Your Animal Enterprise and Industry At Your State House." 

Montana State Rep. Theresa Manzella: "Be The Solution You Seek." 

Christine Vaught, lifelong dog and horse trainer working to oppose the animal rights agenda: "There Are No Unintended Consequences."

Will Coggin is the Director of Research at the Center for Consumer Freedom and "Going On Offense Against Activists." 

Kevin Murphy, advertising and marketing executive and founder of Food-Chain Communications,: "The Food Morality Movement: Ushering in a New Agri-Culture."  

Eva Hughes is former Vice President of the Horse and Carriage Association of New York City and longtime NYC carriage owner: "Clip Clop and Carriage On! Lessons Learned Battling Animal Rights in New York City." 

Kurtis Reeg, Esq., partner at Goldberg Segalla law firm in St. Louis, and lead counsel for The Cavalry Group: "Fanatical Regulation of Animal Enterprises: Attack By A Thousand Cuts." 

Charly Seale, Executive Director of Exotic Wildlife Association: "Endangered Species Act: Good Intentions or a Death Warrant." 

Joseph Maldonado, also known as Joe Exotic champion to protect private ownership of exotic animals: "Standing Firm Against The Agenda." 

Trevor Loudon, filmmaker, activist, author exposes the communists in Congress in his presentation called, "The Enemies Within."

For a limited time only, you can view the complete Liberty Summit 2016 event, simply click the button below which will lead you to our video on demand landing page. Click "Rent All" for the price of $99.00. 

We hope you enjoy this powerful event and the important messages essential to fighting back to protect our businesses, our way of life, and our Liberty! 

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