Winchester, Virginia has been home to Wilson's Wild Animal Park where they have been an integral part of the  community exhibiting a wide variety of exotic and wild animals to public and education forums for over 43 years.

Keith Wilson, primary owner of the park since 1997,  has been the passion behind Wilson's Wild Animal Park, providing patrons with a special opportunity to see his animals up close, learn about their species, their habitat, and the importance of conservation efforts underway to protect these animals in their native habitats.

On Thursday, August 15, 2019, the unthinkable happened to Keith Wilson and his zoo. Despite a long history of service to his community and a clean USDA inspection just one week beforehand, the Virginia Attorney General's Office's  Animal Law Unit and local government officials came onto Keith Wilson's property in the early morning hours and despite the fact that USDA gave Wilson a clean inspection just one week prior, the State of Virginia confiscated all of his animals under a questionable warrant citing animal cruelty which is vaguely defined in Virginia Statute. Subsequently, most of the animals (which are evidence) have already been transported out of State and any remaining animals have likely have been sold or euthanized before Mr. Wilson even has his first appearance in court.

These terrible actions against Keith Wilson have come after several years of aggressive harassment and relentless threats from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), a radical animal rights group that knows little, if anything, about the care or husbandry of animals. We believe it is PETA's false accusations and lies coupled with an Attorney General's Office Unit staffed with animal rights idealogues that are at the heart of this action.

August 29, 2019 was the animal seizure hearing in Frederick County courthouse for Keith Wilson, owner of Wilson’s Wild Animal Park.  It was nothing short of tyrannical government and animal rights ideologues joining forces to destroy Keith Wilson’s livelihood and way of life while setting a very dangerous precedent for every USDA inspected animal enterprise across the U.S.

Virginia Assistant Attorney General, Michelle Welch has an affiliation with John Goodwin , convicted felon and former member of the terrorist group, Animal Liberation Front (ALF) -- Welch and Goodwin work together on the Virginia Animal Fighting Taskforce . Welch's relationship with Goodwin combined with her ties to the  Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) makes the recent enforcement action of Welch’s “ Animal Law Unit ,” which directed her team of government officials to enter the property of Keith Wilson, on the morning of August 15, 2019, and confiscate all his animals under a questionable warrant citing vague allegations of “cruelty.” This was just six days after a USDA inspection of Wilson's Wild Animal Park being in full compliance of the Federal Animal Welfare Act and USDA Rules & Regulations.

We worked with Keith’s attorneys and helped to build a strong case against the State of Virginia’s accusations against Wilson’s Wild Animal Park, but what unfolded in the Frederick County courthouse at yesterday’s hearing revealed serious examples of deep corruption within the Virginia Attorney General’s office, the local county sheriff’s office, and Frederick County Animal Control. 

Keith Wilson and his attorney, Gary Baise, of Olsson, Frank, and Weeda, arrived at the courthouse yesterday morning only to discover that there was a “last-minute change” in the judge.  The new judge was the Honorable Charles B. Foley from Warrenton, Virginia.  A new last-minute judge... it felt like the fix was in and the kangaroo court was in session. 

The hearing began with Michelle Welch delivering the prosecution’s side from 8:30 am and continued until 4:00 pm.  When attorney, Gary Baise finally had his opportunity to deliver his opening remarks and mentioned Keith Wilson’s clean USDA inspection just prior to his seizure, the Judge interrupted Mr. Baise and announced that USDA inspection reports and testimony would not be allowed and that USDA was irrelevant to this case!   The Judge basically disallowed introduction of all evidence in defense of Keith Wilson. 

On September 9th, 2019, Keith Wilson filed an appeal to fight for his defense!

It is critical that we support Keith Wilson's legal defense.

What happened to Keith could happen to anyone and should be of serious concern to ALL Americans.

Please click the campaign link below and donate to Keith Wilson's legal defense fund today!


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