As a condition of Membership, Members are required to make best efforts to obey all local, state and federal laws and regulations.  Failure to do so in the sole opinion of The Cavalry Group renders all Member Benefits void.  The Cavalry Group, LLC, reserves the exclusive right to cancel any Membership and refund unearned Membership Dues if it has reason to believe an applicant or member provided false information in any portion of the Application for Membership or to any person connected to The Cavalry Group, LLC. The Cavalry Group, LLC, may also cancel a Membership if a Member fails to adhere to and comply with advice given by The Cavalry Group, LLC or with legal advice provided by one of the attorneys referred to member by The Cavalry Group. If The Cavalry Group, LLC, in its sole opinion, determines that a Member is unable to, or unwilling to follow the legal advice of an attorney referred to Member by The Cavalry Group, LLC, The Cavalry Group, LLC may elect to not provide legal services that a Member requires to defend against illegal search and seizure. In this instance, The Cavalry Group, LLC, reserves the right to cancel that Member’s Membership and refund any prorated Membership fee. Any cancellation of a Membership shall relieve The Cavalry Group, LLC, of any and all obligations to provide Membership services to said Member. The Cavalry Group, LLC, shall make its best efforts to provide the Membership services described on this website and in marketing materials, however, The Cavalry Group, LLC, its employees, and or agents make no warrant, representation, or guarantee that services provided by The Cavalry Group, LLC, are guaranteed or shall produce the desired results.  Any legal representation provided by The Cavalry Group at its cost to its Members associated with illegal search and seizure shall be limited to eight (8) hours of market legal services.  Any legal or civil damages awarded to the Member as a result of  legal services provided shall reimburse The Cavalry Group for any and all costs incurred.  ** Please note that The Cavalry Group, LLC is not a law firm and your Membership Benefits provide for access to our legal team as protection against illegal search and seizure.  Notwithstanding, at our sole option our legal team is available for hire to assist you in other legal matters such as contract disputes, USDA appeals and other business or other legal needs.  You may always elect to procure your own attorney however you will be responsible for any costs associated with that election. 

Membership Benefits Effective Date: Membership benefits commence 45 days after The Cavalry Group, LLC, accepts a Member’s application. Any Member benefits provided within the 45 days following such acceptance shall be at the sole discretion of The Cavalry Group, LLC.                     


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